MediaPost: Both Playboy and Rolling Stone magazines are using a sophisticated HTML5 platform developed by Bondi Digital to bring their full back-issue archives to tablet and Web users. Avoiding the content restrictions and the limited access to subscriber data in Apple’s App Store, the Web-based approach allows the two brands to go direct to consumers with these offerings, yet retain an app-like functionality. Their technology provider Bondi Digital has now released the HTML5 platform for wider use and is developing its capabilities for a wide selection of Web browsers and devices.

HTML5 can give digital magazine archives the look and feel of a dedicated tablet app, but within a browser. Playboy magazine used the model early this summer to launch its full archives for iPad outside the reach of iTune’s nudity-averse censors. But more recently, Rolling Stone magazine also used the platform to put its entire historical run of 1,100 issues in a browser-based iPad-only format. Read more at MediaPost >