vogue01151928As magazine business models evolve and grow into the digital space, savvy publishers are seeking ways to leverage one of their greatest brand assets: their archives. In this recent article, Folio examines how five iconic publications, including Vogue, whose archive is published in partnership with Bondi Digital Publishing, have handled this challenge.

Vogue puts more of a premium on its archives than any other magazine. After a massive… scanning project, the brand made its 122-years of content—425,000 images, 300,000 ads and 100,000 articles—available to consumers in 2011. The price tag? $1575. That’s for full access, though regular magazine subscribers ($19.99/1 year) get a limited selection of archival content. (Source: Folio)

Since its debut, the Vogue archive has only continued to grow, as succeeding new issues are added. In 2014, Vogue marked their 125th year of publication.