Playboy Enterprises and Bondi Digital Publishing launched, a website where iPad users can instantly view a digital collection of the current issue as well as every back issue of Playboy Magazine from the first issue in 1953 until now.

In a first for Playboy, readers and fans are able to go online and instantly browse, search, and read a compilation of perfect digital back issues of the magazine. Each digital issue in the web archive appears exactly as it did in the original print edition of Playboy – including advertisements.

“Playboy has an incredibly rich history and an intensely loyal readership,” says Hugh M. Hefner, Playboy Founder. “This is the perfect opportunity to offer them something they have always wanted and also a great way to allow a whole new generation to easily explore the magazine.”

The sytem loads magazines instantly and users are finding it very easy to navigate. “We are impressed with the way Bondi’s archive platform presents the digital editions – it’s super fast and very east to use. And the resolution Bondi was able to get makes the reading experience enjoyable,” said Leopold Froehlich, Executive Editor.