Subscription Management

Our subscription management, authentication and recurring billing solution allows you to set up customized plans and subscriptions – giving you the flexibility that you need to offer multiple options to your customers.

Do you have your own provider? The Bondi Platform uses a pluggable adapter framework for integrating with publishers’ chosen third party authentication, subscription and payment modules.

Subscription Management is chaotic to say the least. Let us help take away the frustration by providing you with an all in one solution. You will have one integrated system for all your subscription management needs – customer account setup, authentication and password management, merchant account set up, recurring billing management and payment gateway services.

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Trial Periods

Do you want to allow your customers to see what you have to offer before they sign up for your services? We provide the functionality to set up custom subscriptions that offer free trial periods.

Upgrades and Downgrades

If you allow your customers to change their subscription during their term, we can handle that for you. When a customer upgrades during the billing cycle, we can automatically prorate the charges for you. If you would rather the changes take place at the start of the next billing cycle, you can do that too. We are flexible, so you can be as well.

Failed Transaction Management with Customizable Emails

Sit back and let us take care of handling your past due subscriptions. We’ve got you covered. We will automatically retry past due subscriptions up to two times. We also allow you to customize past-due emails to be sent to your customers, letting them know there was an issue with their payment method.


Do you offer promotional periods? Do you give discounts to some of your best customers? Well, you’re in luck. You can configure discounts to be deducted from the subscription price for the entire duration of the subscription, or you can specify the number of billing periods that you would like to offer it to them. Discounts can be added to the plan and will be inherited by the subscription. However, you will still have the flexibility to customize the discounts on the subscription and tailor it to your customers’ needs.


Do you offer additional services or products that are outside your standard plans? You can configure optional features to be added to the price for the duration of the subscription, or you can add them for a certain number of billing periods. Add-ons (like discounts) can be included in the plan and will be inherited by the subscription but you still have the flexibility to manage them on a per-subscription basis.