David Anthony

David_AnthonyA lifelong entrepreneur, Anthony has built sucessful businesses bridging emerging technologies with media arts to create entirely new consumer experiences for over 15 years. Under David’s leadership the Bondi Cover to Cover digital publishing platform has become the market leader in the field of digital magazine archives delivered over the Internet.

In 2004, Anthony co-founded Bondi Digital Publishing, pioneering the emerging platform of digital publishing through the development of the landmark project, Complete New Yorker, the first consumer friendly and easily searchable digital archive of its kind.

Prior to Bondi, acting as President, Anthony co-founded Metropolis DVD in 1998. The company quickly developed a reputation for innovative interactive design by helping major media companies—including Viacom, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Music, and Disney to develop and implement their DVD and digital video strategies.

In addition to his role at Bondi, Anthony acts as Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Giant Interactive, which continues to develop rich media experiences for major media companies in digital video distribution and interactive television.

Grammy nominated in 2003, Anthony holds a bachelor degree in Media Arts, the first awarded by Bennington College.