One of the greatest gifts of the digital age is the access it gives us to our past, yet many magazine archives remain trapped in library vaults and on editors’ shelves.

Bondi Digital helps magazine editors and publishers bring this rich historical content to life for new audiences, across desktop and mobile. Scanning pages is just the beginning: Bondi makes archives accessible and searchable at the individual article, photo, ad, and caption level. Integrating with a magazine’s existing digital ecosystem, Bondi adds deep editorial history to ongoing content offerings.

Bondi’s Archive as a Service dramatically multiplies opportunities for business and editorial. Print and web editors can rediscover and republish individual historical articles or create new ones from archival assets. Consumer Marketing gains a powerful tool for audience development. Ad sales can package historical features into new native and branded solutions.

Most importantly, readers — loyal and new — gain a universe of content to explore.


Vogue Magazine

Vogue made its 122-years of content — 425,000 images, 300,000 ads and 100,000 articles—available to consumers in 2011 with the Bondi Archive Platform.

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